Michael-on-One Personal Consulting

Work with Michael to Generate Rapid Results in Your Life

Would you like to have Michael Grady work directly with you to help you create your mindset, map out goals and remove limiting beliefs? Michael has worked with companies, top-speakers, marketers, coaches, consultants and authors to create miraculous shifts.


Please choose your investment package and apply as Michael doesn’t work with anyone blindly, making sure you will be a good fit for his personalized program with you. 

Michael uses a combination of various techniques over his 19 years of subconscious, emotional and mental studies to create magnificent shifts that you may have seen in his videos, books and presentations. 

Power Hour

$497 per Hour Session

Silver Package

$2,497 for 6 Sessions

Save $485.00

Gold Package

$3,997 for 10 Sessions

Save $973.00

Platinum One Year

$19,997 for 48 Sessions in a Year Transformational Program

Includes Mindset Mastery
Course as a Bonus

Save $3,859.00

Lifelong Fear... GONE

Hidi had an intense fear of all animals and didn’t have a clue as to why. This fear prevented her from going to friends and families houses who had a cat, dog, bird or ANY animal except gold fish. The biggest issue was she wasn’t able to attend her Toastmaster’s meetings when they were held at someone’s home.

After the first session, the fear was gone. She then wanted a follow up just to be sure even though it wasn’t necessary. 

5 days later I took her to a dog adoption to see how she felt and she had the most fun out of anyone there playing with the dogs!

What are you afraid of that is keeping you back? Lets get rid of that, apply above.