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Michael is recognized as the authority on teaching you how to Master your Mindset and Emotions, activate the power of Manifestation and set you on the path of your life’s Mission.

Through his proven 3-step system, anyone can learn to harness their most powerful resource for profound results.

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Meet The Man And His Revolutionary Energy Clearing System

Some people call Michael “The Mind Master”. Others call him simply, “Oooooh, M.G.!!!” Michael’s career is the stuff of unheard of and seemingly unbelievable feats. His accomplishments and unique methods drop jaws and blow people’s minds.

For 20 years, his live events, systems and techniques have empowered beginners and pros alike to take hold of the most powerful resource we have, the mind. His proven track record and methods have empowered him to work with Fortune 500 companies, schools, colleges and major events all across the nation.

Developed through being a professional stage hypnotist, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, Michael’s real gift for everyone, including you, if you’re looking to feel better and become more powerful, is his MINDSET and MANIFESTATION MASTERY TRAINING.

Top influencers, thought leaders and professionals seek Michael out to learn his methods to understand the human mind, the emotions and how it connects to this thing people refer to as the “law of attraction.”

Today, Michael spends his time producing break through programs and media that is distributed around the World, works with professionals in many different industries and is exposing advanced techniques to the public through T.V., internet, magazines, newspapers, radio and live presentations.

He has worked with national television networks like MTV, G4 and the Alex Jones Show, collaborated with sport professionals in the NFL and NHL, has authored over a hundred self-improvement programs and stars on his YouTube channel.

It’s his students and their accomplishment that tell the tale and explain why you NEED TO LEARN THE SECRETS of this man’s game-changing MINDSET and MANIFESTAION MASTERY SYSTEM – IMMEDIATELY.

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